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October 2014

Topic: So you think MDX is hard?

Speaker: Robert Cain

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April 2013

Title: SSRS Reports For The Cloud

Wes discusses his approach to delivering reports for his company’s Cloud based application. As part of the discussion, he explains their transition from a client services approach of delivering custom reports to enterprise clients, to a standard set of reports deployed in a highly scalable solution.

Speaker Bio:


Wes Springob started programming computers at the age of 11 on a Texas Instruments 99/4a. As a native from Pittsburgh, he worked at several companies in Western PA as a web based applications programmer. Upon moving to Florida in 2005, he began working with Reporting Services on the WorkNetPinellas and EmployFlorida websites in Palm Harbor. He now works for Clarifire (eMASON) in St. Petersburg and along with creating reports is focused on updating their Business Intelligence offerings to the banking industry. Wes lives with his wife and two cats in New Port Richey.



March 2013

Speaker and topic:

Title: Let Visual Studio 2012 Database Projects raise the roof of your SQL Code

TSQL database development has traditionally been a manually intensive and and error prone activity. VS2012 Database projects brings about several new features that have evolved the way we work with TSQL code. Some of the features are minor, but others are game changers in the way we deploy, debug and test our code. This session will go through features of how to setup database projects, how to use some of the transformative features and more importantly, how you begin migrating your current environments into Database Projects without halting all of your current work streams.

Speaker Bio:
Miguel Cebollero works with a team of highly skilled Database professionals at eMason in Tampa, FL. He has been working with SQL Server since version 6.5. During that time he has had the opportunity to lead DBA teams, architect database solutions, administrator and develop mission critical systems in reverse logistics, telecommunications, health insurance, legal, professional sports, payroll and banking industries. Miguel is a former chapter leader of the Triad SQL Server User Group in North Carolina. Today he lives in the Tampa Bay area with his wife, two children and their dog Petie.

Food Sponsor: Vaco

About Vaco:

Vaco matches the strongest accounting, financial, IT and administrative professionals with the unique project and permanent needs of our clients - simple in theory, difficult in execution.

Way...... back:
December 2011
Topic: Improving the performance of the data flow 
How to design Integration Services packages to avoidcommon performance issues.  This topicprovides guidelines for configuring each type of dataflow components; Source,Transformation and Destination for better performance.  This topic also provides information on howto monitor the performance of a package.
Speaker: Wes Helton
Wes Helton is ETL Developer with TEK Systems working as aconsultant at Bealls of Florida in
Bradenton.  Wes hasbeen working with ETL business intelligence and data warehousing technologiessince 2008, with a focus on Microsoft products. He is a Microsoft Certified TechnologySpecialist in BI (MCTS)
November 2011
Ocotber 2011
Topic: Introduction to Master Data Services
In this session, Jose will do an overview of Master Data Services and how it can be leveraged with SSIS and SharePoint 2010 to accomplish a Master Data Management framework. Jose will cover concepts like models, entities, attributes and attribute collections, explicit and derived hierarchies, subscription views and business rules. Jose will also demo how to load an MDS entity with SSIS and how to kick start a workflow process in SharePoint 2010 when a business rule is not met.
Speaker: Jose Chinchilla
Jose Chinchilla is a Microsoft Certified Database Administrator and Business Intelligence Developer working as a Sr. BI Consultant & Data Architect for Pragmatic Works. Jose has12+ years of experience in IT and has focused his career in OLTP and OLAP database design, development and administration and specializes in Data Warehousing and Multidimensional Analysis using SQL Server 2005/2008 BI tools. He is also the current president of the Tampa Bay Business Intelligence User Group.
September 2011
Topic : BI for the Masses
 See live demos of how BI is being delivered to the masses (39,600+ users globally) at Microsoft using SharePoint, Excel, PerformancePoint, SQL Server and other Microsoft BI products. Learn about Microsoft's Consolidated Business Intelligence framework, a successful BI story, 6 years in the making. We will showcase and share technical details and best practices on how Microsoft IT was able to consolidate 100+ applications from 50+ business organizations in a single enterprise report catalog and a BI portal. Learn best practices and technical details on how to implement large scale self-service Business Intelligence systems in your organization
Speaker: Sanjay Soni
 Sanjay Soni is a Data and BI Platform Technology Solution Professional for Greater Southeast District (FL). He worked as the BI Platforms Evangelist in the Microsoft IT BI Engineering for 6+ years and was responsible for enabling BI to the masses at Microsoft. He is an MCDBA, MCTS and specializes in Business Intelligence using MS technologies including SSAS, SharePoint, SSRS, PerformancePoint, etc. Sanjay has presented at Tech-Ed, PASS, SQL Connections, TDWI and other events.
August 2011
Topic: Change Data Capture
 Change Data Capture (CDC) is one of the new features available for SQL Server 2008 Enterprise and Developer Editions, which allows you to easily track and keep history of all DML (Data Manipulation Language) changes on user tables such as INSERTs, DELETEs, and UPDATEs with little or no overhead. Change Data Capture has been used primarily to track changes for incremental loads using SSIS for the ETL process in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence because it allows you to identify new data and data that changed or was deleted since last incremental load
Speaker: Jose Chinchilla
 Jose Chinchilla is a Microsoft Certified Database Administrator and Business Intelligence Developer working as a Sr. BI Consultant and trainer for Pragmatic Works. Jose has12+ years of experience in IT and has focused his career in OLTP and OLAP database design, development and administration and specializes in ETL/ELT using SSIS, Data Warehousing and Multidimensional Analysis using SQL Server 2008 BI tools. He is also the current president of the Tampa Bay Business Intelligence User Group
July 2011
Topic: Introduction to PowerPivot
Speaker: Devin Knight, Pragmatic Works

June 6th, 2011
Topic #1: Establishing Connections to Deploying a Report in SSRS
In this session you will learn thefundamentals on how to setup and create reports in SSRS. We will begin with establishing data sourcesthen progress into adding a single report versus using the report wizard. Then we will cover whether to use a storedprocedure or inline code and open that discussion to the group. Finally we will deploy the report to a NativeInstallation of SSRS. This presentationwill lean heavily on a demonstration so viewers can visualize and ask questions.
Speaker: Andrew Brittain
Andrew is an MCITP DBA 2008 and MCTS BI Developer 2008 whohas a passion for Business Intelligence and Database PerformanceOptimization. He is an active member inTampa Bay SQL Users Group, PASS and Tampa SQL BI User.
Topic #2: BI to SharePoint: What a Business Analyst/PM/IT Pro Lite needs to know
BI the final frontier, these are the voyages of a Business Analyst/PM/IT Pro Lite as he navigates the BI to SharePoint Universe. This session is an overview of the various BI solutions within SharePoint highlighting the scopes of each and who and what it takes to get them deployed. Starting with Excel, PowerPivot, Performance Point and InfoPath Services. SharePoint is quickly becoming THE intranet platform for businesses. No matter what your area of expertise is sooner or later it will end up on, in or for SharePoint.

Speaker #2: Michael Hinckley
After ten plus years of developing and managing global collaboration projects Michael is in the unique position to enhance client success by assisting in the drive towards efficiency and innovation using SharePoint and Business Intelligence.
Michael's current title is Program Manager at DSM.net. When not tinkering with SharePoint you’ll find him either at home relaxing with his wonderful wife and three children or at his boxing gym trying to improve his “sweet science” despite the science of gravity and advancing years.
May 2011
Topic #1:
Speaker #1: Ken Beard
Topic #2:
Speaker: James Mcauliffe

April 2011
Designing and Optimizing SSAS Hierarchies
Speaker: Jose Chinchilla

March 2011
Reporting Services
Speaker: Mike Davis

February 2011
Topic: tba
Speaker: tba

January 2011
Meeting canceled.

December 6th, 2010
Topic: Data Mining for SQL Professionals
Speaker: Mark Tabladillo, Ph.D.
Sponsor: TEKSystems

Meeting Minutes:

  1. Food and networking and announcements 6:00pm to 6:30pm
  2. TEKSystems announced job openings
  3. Main topic presentation by Mark Tabladillo, Ph.D.
  4. Q&A
  5. Reminder of upcoming events and announcements
  6. Swag giveaway
  7. Next meeting scheduled at 6:00pm February, 7th 2010 at Microsoft Offices
  8. Meeting adjourned 8:45pm

Recording and Power Point slides:

1) Download Mark Tabladillo's sides from his blog at: 

2) Download the zipped LiveMeeting recording here or by clicking on slide below.
Instructions: Download link will take you to Rapidshare.com. Download and unzip files.To replay presentation open the ReplayMeeting file in the root folder.

November 1st, 2010
Topic: SQL Server Analysis Services
Speaker: Rob Hatton
Sponsor: TEKSystems

Meeting Minutes:

  1. Food and networking and announcements 6:00pm to 6:30pm
  2. TEKSystems announced job openings
  3. Main topic presentation by Rob Hatton
  4. Q&A
  5. Reminder of upcoming events and announcements
  6. Swag giveaway
    Next meeting scheduled at 6:00pm December 6th, 2010 at Microsoft Offices
  7. Meeting adjourned 8:35pm  

October 4th, 2010
Topic: Business Intelligence: Decaffeinated Please!
Speaker: Jose Chinchilla
Sponsor: Convergence Consulting Group

Meeting Minutes:

  1. Food and networking 6:00pm to 6:30pm
  2. Rob Hatton introduced Jose Chinchilla as the new President of the Tampa Bay SQL PASS BI Chapter.
  3. Acceptance speech by Jose Chinchilla
  4. Food Sponsor introduction and acknowledgements: Convergence Consulting Group
  5. Main topic presentation by Jose Chinchilla
  6. User Group vision discussed by Jose Chinchilla
  7. Group discussions and comments:
    Improvement of communications, member participation, field trips, case studies, hands-on labs, Linked-in webpage, User Group permanent home assesment, SQL PASS events, free learning resources & initiatives, SQLSaturday planning, after-party location.
  8. Upcoming events and announcements
  9. Next meeting scheduled at 6:00pm November 1st, 2010 at Microsoft Offices
  10. Meeting adjourned 8:50pm








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